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Le Sueur County Officials in Minnesota Harass and Abuse a Disabled Adult and Her Children


Eugenie Harris is a 27 year old single mother of three. She has 2 children with Clint Brooks. The oldest is Cameron Brooks age 6 and the youngest is Calob Brooks age 4 in 2012. She also has a 1 year old daughter with Jason Peterson, her name is Rylyn Peterson. Eugenie has a disability called Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or(C-PTSD). – Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a psychological injury that results from prolonged exposure to social or interpersonal trauma, dis-empowerment, captivity or entrapment, with lack or loss of a viable escape route for the victim. The disorder was commonly found in holocaust survivors. The disorder will impact victims during times of extreme stress. They have a difficult time articulating emotions. It is said if you want to know how someone with (C-PTSD) is feeling you can usually get a good idea based on how much physical pain they are in.

(C-PTSD) also causes poor physical health If they are around someone with a common cold they will catch the cold. A person with (C-PTSD)will  experience the symptoms twice as severe as some one who does not have(C-PTSD) . They will experience unexplained pain with no physical explanation. The pain is comparable to fibromyalgia.  It can be difficult for someone with c-ptsd to hold down a steady job due to their problematic physical health.

It is rare for someone who has c-ptsd to ever grow up and become violent. They do struggle with emotional dis-regulation. Disassociate when brutally tortured as a means of escape.


September 8, 2012
Eugenie Harris decided to go to the store for bread. She does not have a car because she cannot afford one. As a result she and the children walk everywhere. On her way to the store the boys ask if they can play at the park. She agrees because the store is only a block or so away and it will only take her a few minutes to get bread. She drops the boys off at the park and tells them to stay put until she gets back. She and her 1 year old Rylyn go to the store and come right back to find the boys are not in the park.

During the short time she was at the store

The police department received a call notifying them  that two boys were playing in the park and did not have an adult with them. The police picked the two completely unfrightened and unharmed  boys up. The policeman  took them back home where they would meet up with mom.

There is a  reason the mother believed it was age appropriate to allow the school aged children to play in the park unattended for a short period of time. This is why.

The mother did  not have a vehicle and lived a mile and a half from the Elementary school Tri City united.

When she registered both boys for school she was told that the school does not provide busing for children who live within a two mile radius of the school. No matter what the age of the child is.

As stated before Eugenie Harris lived a mile and a half away from the school. She made a 20 minute walk one way to and from the school each day. During these walks she noticed children the same age as hers boys walking up to two miles a day unattended by an adult.

The mother was using what the school did to measure what is age appropriate.

The police report and the testimony of the Le Center Officer indicated the mother did  not seem to understand she did anything wrong.

CPS is notified and she meets with Victor Atherton the lead CPS investigator.

icense Information for: Victor William Atherton   Back to Results
Personal Information
Name (F,M,L): Victor William Atherton
Practice City: Le Center
Mailing City: Waterville
License Information
License Level: LSW Corrective Action: No
License Number: 9209 Disciplinary Action: No
License Status: Voluntary Termination Public Non-Disciplinary Administrative Action: No
Original Issue Date: 08-14-1991
Expiration Date: 08-31-2003
License Status Detail:
Licensing Supervisor Information


Eugenie Harris met with Mr Atherton within a day or two after the event took place.   Atherton conducted a state wide  human service search on Ms Harris  claiming he had probable cause.  From that search he learned Ms Harris had been severely abused most of her childhood which was more than half her life.

Genie  explained why she  mistakenly assumed she could let the two school aged children play in the park for a few minutes. She had used what the school does as a form of measurement. Victor Atherton gives her a brochure that explains what ages children can be left alone. He also explains that Tri City United Elementary School gets a special pass that allowed them to get away with endangering children of the same age as her children on a daily basis 2x’s a day.


Victor Atherton decided maltreatment occurred only for Eugenie Harris’s single incident.

Not for The school who allows this to occur on a daily basis 2 xs a day to save money (due to their special pass) Per Victor Atherton.

What does Victor Atherton Need to determine maltreatment

No Injured Party Then No Maltreatment Occurred 

as a result of this one time misunderstanding that he corrected with an educational brochure. As well as an additional explanation that laws do not apply to everyone equally in Le Center as they do in the entire USA. In order for maltreatment to apply Victor will require proven re-occurrence of the maltreatment. As well as evidence from an expert on a measurable scale that the act caused severe psychological and or severe physical injuries.



Atherton is unable to provide any evidence that supports maltreatment. The officer indicated he picked up the two boys who were completely un-injured and not at all frightened by the event. 

If Victor Atherton determines this to be maltreatment then it would be the result of Atherton committing a hate crime against Eugenie Harris.


In both crime and lawhate crime (also known as bias-motivated crime) is a usually violent, prejudice motivated crime that occurs when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her perceived membership in a certain social group. Examples of such groups include but are not limited to: ethnicitygender identitylanguagenationalityphysical appearancereligion, or sexual orientation.[1][2]

Other telling comments made by Victor Atherton that he is capable of committing a hate crime.

Did you really think you would not be noticed walking all over town making yourself seen (indicator of stalking)

if you were abused then it is only a matter of time before you will abuse your own children. (Indicator of bias)

we actively looked for and found a legal loop hole that allowed us to lie to you about the confidentiality we promised you.  

Eugenie Harris was charged with a crime (Criminal Child Endangerment) Criminal child endangerment . (1) A person commits the offense of criminal child endangerment if the person purposely, knowingly, or negligently causes substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury to a child under 14 years of age. 

The police report and the officers testimony clearly states that when he spoke with ms Harris she did not know she did anything wrong.

According to the City chief of police they had nothing to do with the criminal charges against Eugenie Harris.


The two people involved in that decision had been Le Center City Attorney Jason Moran  and Victor Atherton Lead investigator for Le Sueur County Child Protective Services.

What needs to be present in order for there to be a crime?

No Injured Party Then No Crime

The same thing that Victor Atherton needed to determine maltreatment. Jason needs physical proof it happened before. He needs a doctors exam that showed the children had experienced a psychological or physical injury from the reoccurring neglect by the parent.   All he had proof of is a mother who assumed a school would not endanger children and used their example as a way to measure what is age appropriate.  She was educated and informed the laws in Le Center do not apply to every one.

Infact when there is no crime Moran makes them up. Moran is not the only County attorney willing to make stuff up to harm specific residents that he just does not like.

Like Victor Atherton Jason Moran did not have eidence that a crime was committed. Moran like Atherton knows he can commit hate crimes and get away with it. He knows it is his office that prosecutes criminals. No one in his office will charge him with the crimes he commits against the poor and disabled citizens of Le Center. Or for that matter crimes against citizens of  Le Sueur County. In fact his hate for this trauma victim is so strong that a dirty judge  actually had to ask the hate driven attorney to back down.

Jason Moran had been able to  successfully charge her with disturbing the peace when she suffered a breakdown in her home. Apparently she was to loud during the break down so the city attorney nailed her with disturbing the peace.

What is a sign of officer abuse ? They enforce petty issues to take the person they hate down. For example a one time issue of being to loud during a break down.

more importantly the people involved in this vicious attack are spending tax dollars to attack the women who cares for the elderly.

Now that Victor Atherton made a phony maltreatment charge against Eugenie Harris with the approval of his supervisor Lowell Freeman; He delegated the fake investigation out to Sally Schroer.

Sally Schroer has a history of violence against disabled adults and typically victimizes their children and extended family members in pursuit to abuse the target victim. One will also learn that the case worker  also appears to have a problem with alcohol, pathological lying and is willing to break the law to abuse her victim under the protection of head of human services Sue Rynda or Susan Rynda. Rynda gets the approval of Darrell Pettis to abuse the disabled  he is Le Sueur County Commissioner.

Victor Atherton delegated the job out to Sally Schroer who has a history of violence  for the false determination of maltreatment. The only explanation for victor Atherton to make a false determination of maltreatment   could only be that it was hate motivated against a vulnerable citizen.


Everything points to county official HARASSMENT of Eugenie Harris.  Neighbors believe the young mom had been stalked by the county employees. The Target is a  person who has been mistreated a majority of her life by people who should have kept her safe. She is now going to endure over a year of the most cruel and inhumane torture she will ever experience in her life time.  She will ultimately have her children sold to a mentally unstable childless couple (Per Rose Valdez) (per 5 different Psychologists). The mentally unstable childless couple is related to the county attorney Brent Christian. The mentally unstable couple also stalked the young mom.






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